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Welcome to the history!
Radio Rainbow International

This is the history of this the official website of Radio Rainbow International.Any other website is false or has been ripped off from elsewhere thats why peeps you see this updated website,we will continue to update as much as possible with new info on radio matters from the uk and europe and our team will add interesting items to share with you!,gardening tips,football,animal welfare,dont forget our discussion group,so why not come and join us?,and have your say and get your points of view across.Sign up at the bottom of the home page!.................

To bring us up to date we have to go back to 1985,what a year that was!,a friend gave a hand to set up a shortwave station for weekend transmissions,the transmitter that was built was a neat and small 40 watt transmitter and this was fed into a longwire aerial strung between two chiminey stacks with lowpass filters and aerial tuning unit in line.Various frequencies were tried out looking for the best spot for us to use,on the tests was a mix of music from the 60's & 70's and some music of the 80's.
These weekend transmissions carried on through until 1986 but things were shelved until further notice as shortwave conditions got bad it was not worth continuing.So for a while that was a temporary end to radio rainbow international.Due to personal comitments that were happening with in the families of my self and my friends family that was the end for a while with radio which had to take a back seat.In 2001 it was planned to bring back radio rainbow international but yet again personal commitments got in the way,so again it was shelved,but in 2002 plans were afoot to revive the station!.It was around 2001 I met and made a very good friend across the internet,the person was none other than Jack Donio,he is from Holland,we shared the same interests as other pirates do!

Part 2 will be added shortly!,please call back again for more exciting saga of radio rainbow international.