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This Homepage is hosted by

Radio Rainbow International
a multitudes of items relateing to radio,pirate,landbased etc
we'll cover hobbies and information such as gardening!,and a whole lot more.

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All these pages cover special aspects of BC-DX or Short Wave Listening

On these pages I'm presenting some useful information for other DX'ers, for instance about obtaining QSL cards from radio stations from all over the world. SRS Deutschland (SRS-D) is a part of the Swedish Report Service (SRS) run by Jonny Augustsson from Ytterby in Sweden. SRS and SRS-D are both noncommercial and nonpolitical hobby-ventures. Thus SRS and SRS-D are not involved in any kind of illegal or political or even commercial radio broadcasting. One important part of the work of SRS is to forward mail and information between pirate radio stations and their listeners. SRS-D does not necessarily mean SRS in German language but rather SRS for Germany.. Aber 'man spricht auch Deutsch' beim SRS-D ! - Martin Schöch, Eisenach

The items on the pages of Martin Schöch :

QSL Information Pages
QSL Information Pages QIP
Clandestine Radio Watch
Clandestine Radio Watch
Pirate Radio Address List

Pirate Radio Address List Piraten.WdB
Country Index for QIP Clandestine Radio Watch Pirate Radio Address List
Links to other QSL Pages Clandestine Radio QSL Information Pirate Radio E-mail's and Www's
Sources & Aims of QIP Clandestine Radio QSL Gallery SRS-D Drop Box Page
Subscription to QIP Clandestine Radio QSL Stories Free Radio mailing lists
Bellabarba's 'art' of QSL'ing    
  press review & links  
Links to SRS / CRW / CRC CRC and CRW in the Press Martin's Bookmarks
  pages with personal material  
Martin's BC-DX QSL's Personal Profile Martin Schöch Martin's Pirate QSL's

and more pages to come (but I don't think that's likely somehow) : Magnum, PI

Sites : - Main Page SRS Ytterby Hard-Core-DX SRS Ytterby

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early years ! (this brings you
to my private home page)

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